Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Centurion Air Conditioning provides pre-planned maintenance services to air conditioning and ventilation systems within and around London and the South East.

We offer planned, preventive maintenance packages to prolong the life of your system and to provide optimum performance.  Planned maintenance is a vital tool which helps prevent breakdowns, prolongs equipment longevity and improves energy efficiency.

Whether we installed your equipment or not, our maintenance packages are designed to reduce long term costs for the end user as well as ensuring your system is fully compliant with FGas legislations.  We can tailor a contract to meet the needs of your installation and to ensure that manufacturer’s warranty conditions are met.

What are the benefits of maintenance?

Maintenance is crucial and has many benefits to a functioning air con system. Regular maintenance will keep your system running at the highest performance along with the improving the energy efficiency of your system.

Centurion Air Conditioning maintenance contract clients benefit from a guaranteed next day breakdown call out service and any time technical support. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, and can fit in with your schedule and needs. Our experienced service engineers carry out planned and reactive maintenance and are fully FGas qualified. We also provide maintenance to ventilation systems to help improve indoor air quality.

Pre-planned maintenance helps by preventing breakdowns and faults within your system. Dirty filters will reduce cooling and heating capabilities. Un-serviced condensate pumps can get blocked and cause a condensate leak creating water damage to the surrounding areas of the unit or ceilings.

If your system is newly installed, regular maintenance validates manufacturer warranty conditions. If installed by us, we are able to offer an extended manufacturer warranty.

By law, air conditioning systems containing over 2.4Kg of refrigerant are required to have an F-Gas Scheduled Statutory Inspection. This check ensures that refrigerant gases are not leaking into the atmosphere. An FGas check can only be carried out by an FGas certified engineer. Centurion Air Conditioning offer FGas compliance records proving that your business or home conforms to current legislations.


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